Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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Review: BlackBerry - Fortte Dual Design Case Review: BlackBerry - Fortte Dual Design Case

By Melissa Oxendale September 6, 2007

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I loved the case I had for my BlacKBerry 8700, but tried a variety of cases for my new BlackBerry Curve without much luck. Then I came across Fortte's Dual Design case for the Curve, a great choice for those who don't like holster-style cases, like the excellent Seidio model we reviewed a couple of months ago.
The base price of this case is $39.99 in black with either a black removable swivel clip or a removable low profile ratchet clip. Of course, I wouldn't settle for Black when I can pick from so many colors, even though they'll set you back an additional $10-$20. So I picked a color called Deep Sea/Natural Ocean, which merges together a dark and light blue. You can get even get your case personalized with your name, but I chose not to.
In addition to raising the price of the case, selecting a color other than black changes the purchase of the Fortte Dual Design case to a special order, which means it'll take a little longer to arrive.
The Curve fits snugly into the case, but not too tight as to be annoying. I hate having to work my BlackBerry out of the case when I need to pull out the battery or get to my microSD card. Instead of making the case tight to keep the Curve in Fortte opts for a strap which snaps on the back to ensure the BlackBerry will not escape.
Fortte's Dual Design case has cut outs for all the Curve's important buttons and inputs. You can use headphones, charge, and access all the buttons without removing the case. There is a cut out for the notification LED and the camera as well, which allows you to take pictures while the BlackBerry is still in the case.
Because the screen isn't covered by the case without the flap, you should consider getting a screen protector to keep the display free of scratches.
The cover flap snaps on and off on the back of the case by the camera and other snap. It has one slot for a credit card, some cash or an ID, a driver's license for example, which is covered in transparent vinyl.
The flap connects on the bottom half with a magnet that fits on the lower back section. This magnet also serves as the sleeper magnet for the Curve. I spent sometime when I first received the case feeling for the flap for the magnet, which wasn't there.
I like the flexibility of this case. When I'm carrying my BlackBerry in my pocket or purse the flap protects the handheld and puts it to sleep. When I am typing away or playing a game on it I can unsnap the flap and sit it aside making to make the Curve easier to use.
With Fortte's Dual Design case you get the high points of both an open face case and a flip or book-style case, all without the low points of each. The build is of a high quality and the color choices, even with the extra doe you have to layout for anything other than black, are vibrant and attractive. It comes highly recommended.

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