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Fortte has done it again.... New designs and new colors for Valentine's Day
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valid from Feb 9 until Feb 17 2009

New designs include Blackberry Javelin 8900, Blackberry Storm 9530, iPhone 3G, LG Dare, LG Lotus and tons more.
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The good people at Fortte (multiple Editor's Choice winner) are offering a 30% discount on all items not already on sale.
Along with their usual customization options (colors, color combos, belt clips, etc.), Fortte has also whipped up some neat pink leather cases for Valentine's Day. Featured are cases for Apple products like the iPhone and iPod Nano Video.
To receive your 30% discount, make sure and enter the code VALENTINES8 into the appropriate field when checking out. This deep discount is only good through February 29th; so, get shopping.
Click on the Fortte logo above to go to their home page; or, on the words "30% discount" to go directly to their Valentine's Day offer. Either way, do yourself a favor and check out the best leather cases (by far) in their price range. Fortte delivers superior design, craftsmanship and materials for the same price as those 'generic' cases.

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Review: BlackBerry - Fortte Dual Design Case Review: BlackBerry - Fortte Dual Design Case

By Melissa Oxendale September 6, 2007

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I loved the case I had for my BlacKBerry 8700, but tried a variety of cases for my new BlackBerry Curve without much luck. Then I came across Fortte's Dual Design case for the Curve, a great choice for those who don't like holster-style cases, like the excellent Seidio model we reviewed a couple of months ago.
The base price of this case is $39.99 in black with either a black removable swivel clip or a removable low profile ratchet clip. Of course, I wouldn't settle for Black when I can pick from so many colors, even though they'll set you back an additional $10-$20. So I picked a color called Deep Sea/Natural Ocean, which merges together a dark and light blue. You can get even get your case personalized with your name, but I chose not to.
In addition to raising the price of the case, selecting a color other than black changes the purchase of the Fortte Dual Design case to a special order, which means it'll take a little longer to arrive.
The Curve fits snugly into the case, but not too tight as to be annoying. I hate having to work my BlackBerry out of the case when I need to pull out the battery or get to my microSD card. Instead of making the case tight to keep the Curve in Fortte opts for a strap which snaps on the back to ensure the BlackBerry will not escape.
Fortte's Dual Design case has cut outs for all the Curve's important buttons and inputs. You can use headphones, charge, and access all the buttons without removing the case. There is a cut out for the notification LED and the camera as well, which allows you to take pictures while the BlackBerry is still in the case.
Because the screen isn't covered by the case without the flap, you should consider getting a screen protector to keep the display free of scratches.
The cover flap snaps on and off on the back of the case by the camera and other snap. It has one slot for a credit card, some cash or an ID, a driver's license for example, which is covered in transparent vinyl.
The flap connects on the bottom half with a magnet that fits on the lower back section. This magnet also serves as the sleeper magnet for the Curve. I spent sometime when I first received the case feeling for the flap for the magnet, which wasn't there.
I like the flexibility of this case. When I'm carrying my BlackBerry in my pocket or purse the flap protects the handheld and puts it to sleep. When I am typing away or playing a game on it I can unsnap the flap and sit it aside making to make the Curve easier to use.
With Fortte's Dual Design case you get the high points of both an open face case and a flip or book-style case, all without the low points of each. The build is of a high quality and the color choices, even with the extra doe you have to layout for anything other than black, are vibrant and attractive. It comes highly recommended.

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Fortte BlackBerry 8800 / 8830 Lateral PouchRating: 8.5/10
Link: www.fortte.comCost: $29.99 + Customization options
After our last review we move on to the another 8800 case in Fortte’s line of cases. This one is actually one of my favorites since I am a big fan of lateral cases. I wont go to far into the details again about all the customization options but rather I will focus on the differences. This case includes all of the normal trimmings you can expect from a Fortte case including high grain leather and a magnet for automatically shutting off your BlackBerry. The lateral opening is a matter of preference but I personally think it is easier to get my BlackBerry in and out of a lateral case. Once again we are reviewing basic black leather but they have tons of customization options. Read on for the review.
The Review Unit: The review unit case is full grain leather in a professional Black. The belt clip option in this unit is is a fixed metallic lock clip. (That means it does not ratchet) There are tons of customization options on the Fortte website when you order your case but a ratchet leather clip is not an option.
Customization: This is the same as the last case review as you can see here. I will include it in this review just as a refresher. You can choose from 33 different types of leather based on texture and color. The colors and textures range from black to kiwi mint with many choices in between. They also give you an options for the belt clip. You can choose between a fixed metal clip. a belt loop, and no clip at all. The colors and textures add a premium of $10-$20 in cost.
They also provide you with personalization options in terms of marking the case as your own. You can emboss up to 14 letters of text on the front or back (but not both) of your case in two different fonts for $15. You also have the option to emboss a non copyrighted image on the bottom-front of the case. It does not mention how big of an image this can be but it costs $25 for this feature. As a nice touch Fortte also allows you to choose between a silver, gold, or black Fortte shield embossed on the front of the case at no cost. You also have the option to have no shield.
A Closer Look At The Case:

As with all Fortte cases you will find the bold logo on the front of the case. As we mentioned above you can change the color of the logo for free. You can see a picture of the default silver above. Personally I think it adds a nice sophisticated touch to the case.

The case we are reviewing is a basic business black as you can see above. As we mentioned above the front of the case can be customized. My favorite part of this case is the magnetic snap closure of the flap. I found it really hard to photograph so I will do my best to describe it. Unlike other magnet closures this one is metal and has a nice snap to it when it closes. It locks in real tight so there is no worries about being pick pocketed. I found the strength of the closure to be enough that I would not accidentally open the case but still did not have to yank on my belt to open it. The earth magnet inside did a good job of turning off the BlackBerry when it was placed in the case. This case does fix the issue with other Fortte cases where if you put the BlackBerry in the case too fast it may scroll the trackball on your 8800 which may effect emails that you were in the middle of reading.

Above you can get a closer look at the top of the case. You can see that they have added a cutout for headphones and the USB jack on your BlackBerry. I found this to be a nice touch where I could have my headphones connected with the case closed.
The top of the case has a cutout for the USB and headphone jack. There is also a cutout on the top for the speaker, power, and mute buttons.

My favorite part of the design on this horizontal case is the wide opening on the bottom of the case. This allows you to push the phone out of the tight case in one sliding motion right into your hand. Its a very natural way to get the phone out of the case and helps you not drop the phone. Personally I do not know why Fortte decided to include cutouts on the bottom left and right of the case. This just opens up the door for scratching up the corners of the device.

Its interesting to note that Fortte included two pockets on the inside flap of the case for memory cards. Personally I don’t see the point. The microSD cards are tiny and would get lost in such a large slot. Also I have yet to hear about anybody who carries a second or third memory card around with their BlackBerry. you would have to reboot every time you swapped cards making it impractical.

The last feature of the case is the belt clip. It has a nice strong feel about it and does not slide off your belt. Unlike the RIM belt clip this one does not go completely around your belt unless you have a thin belt. I found the leather covering on the clip very useful since it did not scratch my belt every time I put it on and off. There does seem to be a ratchet option for this case but I don’t see the point in a ratchet for a horizontal/lateral case.
Nice cutout on bottom for easy removal
Full grain leather including belt clip
High quality construction with padding inside and hard back cover
Very strong magnet closure for the case
Multitude of customization options
Cutouts on the bottom corners of the case leave device prone to scratches
Useless memory card holders
Leather sides of case make sliding the BlackBerry in harder than elastic
Conclusion: I may be a bit bias on this case since I enjoy lateral cases more than vertical ones but I think Fortte has a strong and useful case for your BlackBerry 8800 device. It is small touches like the leather covered clip and large cutout on the bottom that make me like the case. Hopefully they will fix such oversights as the corner cutouts on the bottom of the case in a future revision. Fortte offers a wide array of customizable features that can really make it stand out in the crowd. As we mentioned in the past review shipping rates in the USA start at $7.95.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

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Fortte BlackBerry 8800 / 8830 STiL Vertical PouchRating: 8/10
Link: Cost: $29.99 + Customization options
Fortte is known for quality mobile device cases and the Fortte BlackBerry 8800 vertical pouch is no exception. It includes all of the normal trimmings you can expect from a BlackBerry case including high grain leather and a magnet for automatically shutting off your BlackBerry. The case improves upon the original RIM BlackBerry case and offers you a ton of customization options. If you want to add a little bit of spice to your BlackBerry then Fortte is the way to go. Read on for the review.
The Review Unit: The review unit case is full grain leather in a professional Black. The belt clip option is a metallic lock clip. There are tons of customization options on the Fortte website when you order your case.
Customization: You can choose from 33 different types of leather based on texture and color. The colors and textures range from black to kiwi mint with many choices in between. They also give you an options for the belt clip. You can choose between 4 different types of clips with the option of a belt loop and also no clip at all. The colors and textures add a premium of $10-$20 in cost and the belt clip options range from free to $5 for the most expensive heavy duty ratchet clip.
They also provide you with personalization options in terms of marking the case as your own. You can emboss up to 14 letters of text on the front or back (but not both) of your case in two different fonts for $15. You also have the option to emboss a non copyrighted image on the bottom-front of the case. It does not mention how big of an image this can be but it costs $25 for this feature. As a nice touch Fortte also allows you to choose between a silver, gold, or black Fortte shield embossed on the front of the case at no cost. You also have the option to have no shield.
A Closer Look At The Case:
The first thing most users notice about the Fortte cases is the bold logo on the front of the case. As we mentioned above you can change the color of the logo for free. You can see a picture of the default silver above. Personally I think it adds a nice sophisticated touch to the case.

The case we are reviewing is a basic business black as you can see above. As we mentioned above the front of the case can be customized. The first things you note in this case compared to the 8800 case from RIM is that the leather is of a much higher quality. It actually smells and feels like leather. The other difference is the snap close on the top of the case compared to RIM’s magnet closure. I feel that the snap would be a matter of preference. Personally I only closed the snap when I put the case in my bag. The inside of the front face is also padded and I actually found that it cleaned my BlackBerry screen when I placed it in the case. The earth magnet inside did a good job of turning off the BlackBerry when it was placed in the case. I did find that when you put the BlackBerry in the case too fast it may scroll the trackball on your 8800 which may effect emails that you were in the middle of reading. I have had this problem with most cases so maybe it is just advisable to not shove the BlackBerry in the case.

Above you can get a closer look at the snap closer. You also see that the snap does not block the power and mute keys. It does cover the speaker phone but I found that did not degrade the loudness of ringtones.

The left and right side of the case have openings for the USB, headphone jack, and volume controls. You can also use this cleared area to pull the phone out of the case.
The main drawback of this design is that as you can see above the right and left sides of the case are sown with the leather facing inwards. This gives the phone a tight fit but makes it harder to remove the phone from the case. As you can see from the screen shot above, the phone actually has to push the leather out when you put it in the case. This makes it more difficult to put the phone in the case compared to the elastic sides on RIM’s original case. There are two cutouts on the bottom of the case so that you can push the phone out of the holster.
The last feature of the case is the belt clip. It has a nice strong metal clasp that is covered with leather. The only downside with this ratchet belt clip is that there is about half an inch give in each direction even when it is locked in place. This means that when you have the case on your belt you will find the ratchet moves a little. (The picture of this did not actually come out so I will post it again later)
Full grain leather
High quality construction
Multitude of customization options
Nice and secure snap closure
Belt clip ratchet does not lock into place tightly
Sides of case make sliding the BlackBerry in harder.
Conclusion: The Fortte case is a nice compliment to a BlackBerry 8800. It offers many customizable features that can really make it stand out in the crowd. Fortte builds quality cases and with the exception of the two cons above this is a great case. By the way shipping rates in the USA start at $7.95. We will be reviewing a few more of these cases in the near future so stay tuned.

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This week we have a spotlight on Fortte's Zune cases. The company has been around for awhile and besides offering cases for the Zune, they have cases for all sorts of PDA and MP3 players. A few weeks ago, I received two Zune cases from the manufacturer. They sent me a black "Open Face" case and an orange "Carrier" case. Before publishing or writing the review, I used them in my everyday life to have a better understanding of what these products have to offer. I was impressed with the quality of the product but also about the very unique design of Fortte's cases make this company a top class Zune case manufacturer. 9.0
Product Quality: 9.0 Ease of Use: 9.0 Player Protectiveness: 8.5 Manufacturer: Fortte Model: Open face, CarrierPrice: $29.99 - $64.99
Website: Category: Cases Made for: Zune 30Gb, First Generation
Pros: Very functional cases. Good pricing. Excellent overall quality. Adds real protection to the Zune. Cons: The "Open Case" model is a bit too tight for the Zune. Product Description This elegant and functional leather case is specially designed to custom fit your Zune to protect it from dents and dings of every day life. Made of the finest selection of high-altitude leather, this elegant case is produced by Fortte's certified ISO 9001:2000, OHSAS 18001:1999, ISO 14001:2004 Facility. They also offer the ability to personalize your Zune by embossing your company name, company logo, your name or your initials for a small additional fee.
Product Quality 9.0 Fortte's cases are top of the line products. From the packaging to the small details, the product won't disappoint you. Fortte's designers are really taking the time to find new ways of doing things, and it shows. The case is made of very good quality leather, even for the basic models we received. They offer other types of leather for an extra $10 to $20 charge. Those top quality leathers will bring you very close to what we are used to seeing with Vaja cases. The stitching is also very well done, even though we noticed a few places where it could have been better.
Ease of Use 9.0 Zune cases equipped with belt clips and loops are for the most part very difficult to use, when they are attached to your belt. But Fortte's cases bring the solution to this problem. If you have to pause or change the music often when the Zune is attached to your belt, you might seriously consider the Zune "Carrier" model (orange case seen on the picture). When attached to your belt, the Zune is upside down. This way you can easily look at the Zune screen and use the control buttons to make the changes you want. Very clever! The belt clip included with the "Open Face" case is excellent and clipping and unclipping the Zune was done without hesitation. The small leather loops stitched to the cases are also very useful to hold the earphone cable. The only small problem I had was the "Open Face" case. Inserting and removing the Zune player from it was somewhat of a challenge. I'm sure the leather will expand after a while and the problem would disappear at the same time.
Player Protectiveness 8.5 When I first looked at Fortte's cases, I thought that it would not offer the Zune a good protection. But after taking a closer look, I realized that it does offer an excellent protection to your precious toy. They are just doing it with a different approach than we are used to see. The cases don't have screen protectors but Fortte's designer inserted, under the leather, a rigid material around the screen that makes the case thicker in that area. That simple detail in the design makes the Zune screen more difficult to reach. Consequently more difficult to smash or scratch. The back of the case is the back bone of the product. It's made with a rigid material underneath the leather. The back is also slightly oversized and this helps to protect the corners of the Zune.
Conclusion 9.0 Fortte's cases for the Zune are clearly quality products. Their corporate tag line, "Stylish Functional Cases", very well represent what the company has to offer. The multiple color combinations and personalization options will give your Zune the style you want. But the case designs in themselves have a very strong personality. Details such as the little loop to hold the earphone cable or the belt loop are excellent examples of that. Even though Fortte's cases for the Zune don't have the "Designed for Zune" approval, the cases are an excellent choice if you want something different and of good quality. I strongly recommend their cases.
Miami, FL - May 30 2007
Click here for a direct link to the iPHONE CASES
Fortte and MCW Design & Manufacturing announce the release of a complete collection of premium leather cases for the iPHONE.
It's innovative designs include a variation of the successful OPEN FACE and DUAL DESIGN that guarantee to be the biggest hits since they not only protect the device but they are also stylish, functional and low profile, thus keeping the shape & thickness of the iPhone.
Fortte also offers online capacity to personalize (add your name or logo) and customize (select the colors of your preference)Cases can be purchased on line in a variety of colors including the new metallic bronze, antique silver, sunset and many new releases. Many colors will be in stock for direct purchase by mid June.
Fortte is the innovating leader of the stylish case market.

Note: iPHONE is a trademark of Apple Computer.

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May 21st, 2007
By M C - Discover a world of possibilities in the Palm® of your hand
Grab Hold Of Your Enfora Wi-Fi Sled Treo With Fortte’s Open Face Case


A BIG THANKS to Peter of Fortte for providing the product for this review.
For those who want to skip over all the detailed review and just want a summary, you can
jump to the review summary
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Open Face Case For Treo 650 with Enfora Wi-Fi Sled
Video at YouTube
Alternative link:
Slight correction for the video. The case does offer a removable ratchet belt clip in addition to the fixed and swivel clip that I mentioned in the video.
Details from Fortte's website:
Palm Treo 650 with Enfora Wi-Fi Sled Open Face
# Dedicated Fit for Treo 650 with Enfora Wi-Fi
# Available WITH different clip options to suit any lifestyle or WITHOUT any clip.# Open access to screen and control surfaces (no clear plastic covering)
# Headphone Jack Access
# Access to all side controls
# Full screen visibility
# Premium Full Grain Leather
Fortte allows full customization of the case including a variety of colors to choose from. In addition to the variety of colors offered, they now offer a new vibrant set of colors in their "Life Color" collection which includes the following colors:
Deep Sea/Kiwi Mint, Deep Sea/Natural Ocean, Deep Sea/Perfect Banana, Deep Sea/Sunset, Kiwi Mint, Kiwi Mint/Perfect Banana, Natural Ocean, Perfect Banana, Sunset, Sunset/Kiwi Mint, Sunset/Perfect Banana.
As well, embossing and further customization options are also available. Please check out my previous
review on the Fortte Lateral Pouch Leather case for more details on the services and customizations they offer.
The Open Face Leather Case for Treo with Enfora Wi-Fi sled is (as far as I know, please correct me if I'm wrong), the only leather case or even any case for that matter, that is designed to fit the Treo 650 with the Enfora Wi-Fi sled attached. I knew about this case before I decided to buy the Enfora Wi-Fi sled (I'll be doing a review of that later) and was excited that there's a case for it. So, when I finally bought the Enfora Wi-Fi sled, I knew that I had to get the Fortte case for it. And being someone who dislikes holding anything mobile that is somewhat slippery, this case was exactly what I needed.
The leather case comes available in a choice of belt clips. You can choose from a removable 360 degrees swivel clip, removable ratchet clip, or a non-removable fixed clip. The case I'm reviewing is in black and with the swivel clip. It's a vertical case with an open face design, a design that I really like and a great way to show off the beauty of the face of the Treo. This design can be viewed as a full frontal cutout that allows access to the screen and the hardware and QWERTY keys. At the front, there are cutouts for the LED indicator, the phone speaker, and the power button for the Wi-Fi sled. At the side, the cutout is covered by a protective plastic covering to protect the buttons. At the back, there's a cutout for the speaker (that's always a big plus for me). The belt clip attachment is permanently sewn into the back of the case (another plus since the screw on attachments never stay on for me). At the top, the leather magnetic snap tab wraps over diagonally to easily snap into place to secure the Treo in plase. There's a cutout for the ringer switch. At the bottom, a single strip of leather wraps around the bottom to secure the Treo and sled but also allow access to the headphone jack and power adapter jack.
This is a fine case that wraps up the entire and somewhat bulky package of the Treo and the Enfora Wi-Fi sled. It does a great job of keeping them together and still make the everything look very stylish as well as making it much easier to hold or clip to a belt or pants. Without the case, I was having difficulty keeping my grip on the sled with Treo and I'm so glad that Fortte has created a specially designed case for this. Now, it's so much easier to carry the Treo with the sled and clip it ot my belt or pants.
Most of the Treo is accessible through cutouts in the case including the camera, stylus and headphone jack. The problem I've found mainly lies in the design of the Enfora Wi-Fi sled instead since a lot of the Treo isn't accessible with the sled attached. So, for what the case offered, it gave as much access to the Treo with the sled as possible so I'm quite happy with the case.
Here are my observations of the case. The open face design is quite a nice design which shows off the beauty of the Treo with the sled, allowing direct access to the screen and keys. This design, also, on the other hand, also may allow unexpected accidental screen taps and button pressing since there is no protection at the front. So, those who want protection for the front may find that it may not suit their needs.
I was somewhat disappointed that there was only a cutout for the ringer switch at the top. The SD card slot,the infrared port and the SIM card tray is inacessible when the magnetic snap closure tab is in place. I kept forgetting to remove the snap closure the numerous times that I was beaming some files over, at first, wondering what the problem was, only to discover that, duh, I forgot to unblock the port by removing and holding the tab out while I do the beaming. It's a bit cumbersome but I can deal with it. I just have to remember to remove the top tab before beaming.
I do like the numerous cutouts found in the case, which offer access to various features of the Treo including the camera, ringer switch, headphone and the speaker hole. I love leather cases that come with a speaker hole because they really help to unblock the speaker and sound that emits from the Treo. Thus, when a call comes in, or your alarm rings, you can easily hear it ringing. Otherwise, as with many other leather cases without a speaker hole, most of the sound will be blocked and muffled. So, a speaker hole, although it may not look so nice, is very functional for me. Again, I'm more of a practical user than a stylish user.
The permanent belt attachment sewn into the back of the case is another plus for me since that solves a common problem that I've experienced with other screw in belt attachments that they will tend to fall or unscrew over time. Having a permanent attachment solves this problem. But, alternatively, having it there also "sticks" out a bit which may irk some people, especially if you are placing it on a flat surface like a table. The case with the attachment will not lie perfectly flat.
The swivel clip seems to be sturdy and grips well enough. I like the hook at the end to better grip or clip to the pants or belt. Since the swivel clip doesn't completely touch the back of the case, you may notice that the case may tip a bit over due to the weight of the case. And since it is a swivel clip, and doesn't lock into various positions, the case will adjust according to the weight and gravity pull, which, depending on your preference may be good or bad.
Review Summary
I like how Enfora has created a specially designed case for the Treo 650 with Enfora Wi-Fi sled, offering those who have the sled, a solution to an otherwise case-less package. This case does a great job of keeping the Treo with wi-fi sled together and made it look so much nicer. A lot of the Treo features are easily accessible through cut outs, with the exception of the infrared port, SD card slot and SIM tray, to my chagrin. I do like having the speaker hole at the back, which I consider a big plus. I also liked the permanent belt clip attachment which solves a common problem of a screw on attachment falling off over time but that does stick out, which may bother some people.
Overall, this is a quality leather case from Fortte that allows those Treo users who have the Enfora Wi-Fi sled to have a case for an otherwise, bulky and handful package. It displays the Treo with sled in a very stylish manner yet keeps everything all together and easily accessible. Besides providing protection against scratches and bumps, the nice feel of leather (not to mention smell) also helps keeps your grip on the bulky ensemble. Keep in mind that although the open face design presents the Treo in an appealing way, it also means that the Treo is unprotected. I personally love this case because it now provides me with a great way to hold the two together. As always, you have to balance out your needs and preferences since we are all different in my opinions. Please visit our
Fortte affiliate store for more info.

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New FORTTE Cases for the Blackberry 8800
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Although Palm Addict is (duh) devoted to all-things-Palm, we have to recognize that even our most devoted readers may have a cuckoo in the nest. You bought that Treo 680, but the company will pay your bill if you use the Blackberry 8700 they issue to all salespeople. You have a Palm TX, but the IT guys won't let your WiFi through the firewall, and so-on and so-forth. The fact is that we need to keep you (and ourselves) up on the latest across the Smartphone and PDA world.
Today, we will look at two terrific cases for the new Blackberry 8800 (which I will be reviewing in the next few weeks), brought to us by the good folks at Fortte (for-tay) Cases.
ABOUT FORTTEFortte cases have consistently earned Treo Editor's Choice designation, and one made my 2006 Treo Products of the Year list.
Like those other Fortte cases, both of these excel by the attention Fortte gives to the smallest of details:
*Superb leathers
*Top-line materials used for belt clips, snaps, magnets and other connectors
*Perfect fit & finish, provided by their ISO-certified manufacturing facility
*Exquisite stitching, that is especially strong around openings, and areas where connectors (snaps, belt clips) are located
*Vibrant dyes used for optional colors
*Internal magnets, to cause automatic shut-down of the Blackberry when the case is closed
The best thing? All of this quality is on a par with cases from Vaja and Piel Frama; but...costs the same as the 'generic' cases that you see at every online store.
THE CASESFirst up, is the Blackberry 8800 Dual Design Case (top graphic). This innovative, 'convertible' design features a removable, flip-up cover; so, you can easily switch between a covered, or 'open-faced' case paradigm. The cover is secured at the top/back of the case by an extremely sturdy metal snap, and at the bottom by a generous magnet (which fits perfectly into a grooved indentation at the bottom/back of the case.Another metal snap (right next to the cover's) opens/closes the top flap of the case, for easy placement and removal of your 8800. The case is lined with a soft, fine cloth, while the back and the cover have rigid shields sewn discreetly inside.
The inside of the cover features a beveled slot for a micro-SD card, and another slot for an ID card (if you work in New York City, this is a very handy feature!). The slot is lined with smooth nylon, for easy placement/removal of your ID card, and is covered with sturdy, clear vinyl (strongly sewn into place). This ID card slot features another thoughtful Fortte touch: there is an oval cutout in the middle of the vinyl, so you can use your finger to slide the ID card out.
The Dual Design case can be ordered in black, or in an number of attractive 2-tone color schemes; and, can be purchased without a belt clip, or you can choose between a metal 'swivel' belt clip or a low-profile 'ratchet' belt clip.
Next, is the Blackberry 8800 Lateral Pouch The first thing that comes to mind when you look at this case is 'STYLE'. Reminiscent of classic luggage designs from the 1930's & 1940's, the Lateral Pouch is an exercise in elegant good taste.
First off, there is a pleasing mixture of textures: Fortte sent me a 2-tone version (sorry I don't have a photo), of black leather on the bottom/front, and brandy for the front flap, sides and back. The black leather is handsomely grained, while the 'brandy' leather is smooth, supple and soft. The addition of the spiffy Fortte 'shield' on the front completes a solid fashion statement. The flap is held in place by a very strong magnet; and, has sculpted curves, which allow for an easy grip for opening the case. Inside, the case is lined with extremely soft terry velour, and the back panel has a rigid shield sewn inside. If you opt for the belt clip, you will get a wide, strong piece of spring steel, completely covered with leather, and sewn right into the back of the case.
The Dual Design case starts at $39.99 (USD), and the Lateral Pouch starts at $29.99 (USD). If you crave a superior case, you need to include Fortte when shopping around. If you crave a superior case for the same price as those 'generic' cases, then you have to check out Fortte first.
May 14, 2007 in PJ Arts - Deputy Editor, New Providence, US

Thursday, April 26, 2007

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Sometimes in our PDA-rotic rush for the latest gizmo and its goodies, we forget that there are a lot of the 'oldies-but-goodies' still out there...and, a lot of terrific accessories to enhance their golden years.
Case-in-point is the Treo 650. This terrific smartphone still has a huge number of every-day users out there; and, they want to know what new and sexy stuff is available for their wee beauties.
Not to fear, True Believers! Fortte has not forgotten you (and neither has your Treo Editor). Fortte has a skin-tight leather case that provides the smallest footprint, the greatest overall coverage of your device, and still allows easy access of all your 650's ports, controls and connectors.
The Glove-Fit Case for the Treo 650 is a $24.99 (ESD) beauty, that encapsulates your Treo 650 in a combination of supple, glove-soft leather, super clear vinyl and a strong zipper that lets you get your 650 in and out of its fashion cocoon, without any bother.
The end result? A super-slim covering for your 650, that adds almost no bulk or weight...yet, protects every inch of the device without compromising any of its functionality. You don't have to open a cover to see who's calling, or use your device's controls; but, you still have 100% protection. You don't have to squeeze your device and stretch the case to get your Treo in-and-out...the generously wide zippered opening facilitates ease-of-use.
The Bottom Line: The Fortte Glove-Fit Case provides a skin-tight covering for your Treo that provides beauty, protection, easy access...and does it without adding size or weight to your kit. It it made of the finest materials, is manufactured to ISO standards, and is in the same price-range as the 'generic' cases. This means premium looks, fit and quality for bargain cost. What's not to love?
The Glove-fit case is available for other Treos and smartphones; and is only one of Fortte's many outstanding offerings. If you own a PDA or smartphone, then do the smart thing: go to
Fortte, and find out what you can really get for your hard-earned dollar (...pound sterling, yen, ruble, rupee, loonie, etc.).
Apr 23, 2007 in PJ Arts - Deputy Editor, New Providence, US

Monday, April 23, 2007

Palm Treo 680 Dual Design Case by Fortte
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Palm Treo 680 Dual Design Case by Fortte
Wed Apr 18, 2007 - 10:46 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

Table of Contents» OverviewConclusion
When I ordered my Treo 680 from Palm's website, I knew that I wanted to find a nice case for the device as soon as possible. I usually go ahead and order a case for my new device even before the Palm gets to me. I always carry my Palms in cases to protect them from scratches and to preserve their beauty.
I had bought a Fortte case in the past for one of my Palm PDA's, and was impressed so I figured that I'd see what kind of cases they offered for the Treo 680. After looking over their case choices for the Treo 680, I decided on the Palm Treo 680 Dual Design.
I like the way that Fortte packaged the Dual Design case. The case came in a nice, black box with the Fortte logo in gold on the lid. Inside the box, the case was hidden beneath a piece of thin, white paper that also featured the Fortte logo.
By the way, I love their logo because it's a shield with a castle inside it. This emblem makes me think of the Wolfsburg Castle logo (below left) on my 1973 VW Karman Ghia steering wheel. Anyway, I always notice how a company logo looks on a product, and many times the logo can make the product stand out. The Fortte logo has been a favorite since I first saw it.
Design The Palm Treo 680 Dual Design has a great design. "Dual Design" is right since the case is designed so that you can use the open faced part of the case alone or have your Treo's front covered by the convertible flip cover. The case is made of premium full grain leather and comes in a choice of Warm Red or Black, with or without a removable, low profile ratchet belt clip. Of course you can choose from a variety of other colors if you want to customize your case. I had mine customized and picked the New Tamponato Collection Natural Vegetal Tanned leather, and for the color I chose the Renaissance Forest Green. At the time that I bought the case, I had a Graphite Treo 680, but now I have a Copper 680 (which is why you'll see both Treos pictured in the review) and I think that the green color goes well with both Treo 680's. I love the green color and the leather is so soft!
If you wish to customize your case, there is a nice variety of colors and textures to choose from. You can even pick a combination of colors if you'd like. You can select the different color collections and the embossing of your name, initials or logo. After selecting the model of your preference, the color and the clip option, then you will be guided to a special page where you will be able to change your color and, if you wish, add a logo or a name. The Fortte website makes it very clear in bold letters that "All special orders are nonreturnable and nonrefundable." The site also states, "The location of the metallic emblem or the embossed 'Fortte'™ on our cases may vary depending on the model and/or to accommodate the embossed logo/name."
And of course I love the little silver Fortte emblem on the front of the case! The stitching around the edges of the case and the leather overlay at the top of the case is a nice touch also. The lighter shade of green on the overlay looks good as does the lighter shade of green in the stitching.
I appreciate that the flip top comes off. I'm not too crazy about some flip covers since you usually have to fold them back to keep them out of the way when using your Treo, or you can fold them back and snap them underneath to keep them out of the way. With this case, the flip cover snaps on and off at the bottom of the back of the open case. The snap is connected to a thin strip of leather that is attached to the bottom of the flip cover. The upper portion of the flip cover narrows to a strip of leather which goes over the top of the case and snaps around back, closing the top flap. There is a third snap involved which is on the end of a strip of leather on the open case. With this snapped, the Treo is safe and snug inside the open case. Not that there's any danger of your Treo sliding out of course as the fit is snug. I like how the two strips of leather cross each other on the back of the case.

My one major gripe about the case is that when I first got it and put my Treo inside, the rigid sides that surround the top and sides of the Treo's screen were very tight. I didn't realize just how tight until I tried using the Treo. There was no response whenever I clicked the buttons or tapped on the screen with the stylus. I took the Treo out of the case and the Treo worked just fine. I put it back in the case and the problem repeated itself. I realized that the rigid leather sides on the open case were pressing against the sides of the Treo, squeezing the device hard enough to result in my Treo not functioning correctly. Ugh. Now according to Fortte's website, this case is supposed to be a "Dedicated fit for the Palm Treo 680". I've had my share of fancy leather cases over the years and most of the time, even when the company claims that the case is designed to fit your device perfectly out of the box, I've had to do some stretching and breaking in to get the correct fit. I have one case for a Palm device that is great looking but the fit is soooooo tight that you'd think that someone had hydraulically forced the Palm into the case. I think it took me like twenty minutes to even get the Palm into that case. I pray that I never have to take the Palm out of that case! With this Fortte case, it just took a few nervous moments, a little tugging on both sides of the case, and my Treo has worked perfectly in the case since. In fact, this is my favorite case so far of any case for any of my Palm devices. If not for the very tight fit in the beginning, I could actually call this the "perfect case" for me. But that tightness was really a shock since I'd never had a case so tight that it could put enough pressure on a device to disable it. I hope that I just got an extremely tight fit and that not all of the cases are that way. Thank goodness it's made of leather and I was able to tug on the sides and relieve the pressure off my Treo.
I use this case a lot. When I'm at home, I take the flip cover off and carry my Treo in the open front part of the case. Then when I go out, I just snap the flip top on and I'm ready to go. As mentioned earlier, the case comes with a removable belt clip. The post on the back of the case is low profile. I don't use the removable clip very often but it's nice having the option to do so, and the low profile post keeps the case close to my body. I don't like posts that stick out a mile and cause my Treo to bump up against everything in my path. I actually prefer cases that have the removable screw on the back that are flush with the case. I usually just put my case in a gadget bag, my purse, or I carry it in one hand and carry my mini purse in the other.
With the flip cover off or flipped up, the entire screen and keyboard are accessible. On the inside of the top flap is an SD slot and also a place to put a credit card. I put a credit card in the slot and it fit great. I never carry a credit card in there but I do occasionally carry an extra SD card in the little SD card slot.
There is easy access to the charging connectors and the headphone jack on the bottom of the Treo. I was able to put my Treo in my Seidio Inno.Dock Cradle while in the Fortte case so that's a really big plus.
The top of the Treo is easily accessible also. I just have to remember to undo the top snap and move the leather strap out of the way whenever I want to beam something to someone or have something beamed to my Treo.
Also easily accessible are the side buttons as can be seen in this photo. The voice record button isn't quite as easy to press as the volume buttons but it's not really worth complaining about.
The camera and rear speaker on the back of the Treo are both accessible as can be seen in the photo above in the "Design" section of the review. I took several pictures and had no problem. I've had cases in the past in which the cutout for the camera wasn't big enough and caused photos to have a shadow on one side.
One of the main reasons I buy a case is for the protection it provides my device. I baby all my Palms and I want them to stay in pristine condition as long as possible. I have some type of case for every Palm device I own. I'm probably borderline obssessive compulsive when it comes to fingerprint smudges and scratches on my Palms. I hardly ever even carry my Treo around the house unless it's in some kind of case. I'm so afraid that I'll trip and my Treo will go flying through the air or that I'll accidently bump the Treo against something. My cats are always curious (no big surprise there, huh?) about all my devices, and one of the cats scratched the crap out of the front of one of my cases while the Treo in case was on the bed next to me. I cringe at the thought of what would have happened to my precious screen if my Treo hadn't been inside that case! I'm sure that needle sharp claw would have gone right through my screen protector. Bad kitty!
With the flip top attached and closed, I think this case provides excellent protection for my Treo 680. The top flap is soft and puffy on the outside but is very sturdy underneath and protects the Treo's screen quite well. When the flip cover is closed, almost the entire top of the Treo is covered. The stylus is uncovered plus a small portion of the top edge of the Treo.
Without the flip cover attached, the screen is exposed, therefore vulnerable to scratches and bumps. The open case does however provide some cushioning against bumps to the sides and back of the Treo. When I'm using my Treo around the house in the open case, I usually lay the Treo face down just in case one of our three cats decides to jump up to where it's placed. Most of the time I'm sitting here at my desk though and I feel safe leaving my Treo lying face up. Besides, the cats all know that there's no room for them up here on the desk because it's cluttered with so many Palms and other objects. All they care about is getting up on my lap when I'm sitting here anyway ;-)
I really love the Fortte Palm Treo 680 Dual Design Case. The leather is soft and beautiful and I love the Renaissance Forest Green color that I picked out. This case protects my Treo very well and it does so in style.
I'm very impressed with this case and love it's great functionality. I have the choice of using the open case alone or sporting the Treo around with the flip cover attached. This case really suits my needs and I know that it's going to continue to look great as the beautiful leather begins to show patina with use. I've gotten several compliments on the case.
The case is $39.99 with or without the belt clip. When customizing the case, $15.00 is added on for personalization and $10.00 for each color/color combination except for the New Tamponato Collection Natural Vegetal Tanned colors which cost $20.00. If I hadn't been able to stretch the rigid leather sides to keep the pressure off the sides of my Treo, I wouldn't be happy with the case, but I was and I am. It wasn't hard at all to pull the sides a little further apart. It just seems that I shouldn't have had to do that in the first place. But I just can't help but love the case. That one drawback prevented it from being the "perfect case".
Design 4
Usability 5
Protection 5
Cost/Benefit 4
Overall(not an average)

Beautiful leather
Great protection
Love the design
Easy access to buttons, keyboard, and connectors
Removable beltclip
Has SD card holder

Tight fit put pressure on sides of Treo

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Review of Fortte Case for Blackberry 8700 Series
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No, I am not turning my back on Treos in favor of 'Crackberry' devices. On the other hand, we have a large % of readers who do not use Treos. They haven't had a new Palm PDA released in a very long while, and many of them use their Palms with other devices (RAZRs, Blackberries and Moto Qs).
Since Palm Addict will review these non-Palm devices from time to time, I will feature products that enhance their Palm Addiction when I deem them worthy. The first review will be a case from the good folks at Fortte; who produce premium-grade cases at 'regular case' prices.
Immediately below this review, you will be treated to a review of the Fortte 8525 case by our own Wallace Matsen. As usual, Wallace (or, as he likes it typed: 'wally') writes in brief, elegant and (dare I say it) poetic phrases that are sadly rare in today's media verbiage (I am a major verbiage culprit).
The 'Type B' Case from Fortte was tested with the assistance of an in-law, who is a corporate attorney and long-time Crackberry fiend.
OVERVIEW* Dedicated Fit for BlackBerry 8700r / 8700c / 8700g / 8700v / 8703e
* Accommodates both: extended and slim batteries
* Available either "with" or "without" Removable Spring Loaded Swivel
* Magnet for automatic shut-down
* 2 Credit Card Holders
* Access to all side controls
* Full screen visibility
* Premium Full Grain Leather
PROSMy 'assistant' had a huge issue with her default 8700 case: while in her pocketbook, it would regularly turn itself on (from pressure on the case cover), and dial different people in her address book. So, the CEO of her corporation might get a call, and upon answering, hear his Senior Counsel talking to her baby son, trying to get him to 'open up for the choo-choo'. While amusing to me, it was a real issue to be solved.The design of the Fortte case prevents any buttons from being pressed when the cover is closed. This is a combination of the case architecture, as well as the slightly raised, rigid frame around the Blackberry screen area. In addition, the cover includes a magnet, which induces automatic shutdown of the Blackberry when closed. The same cover also has slots for two credit cards, and features superb, soft leather wrapped around a reinforced rigid panel.
The back of the case is another leather-wrapped protection panel, where the optional belt-clip 'nub' is sewn in, to ensure that your device has no accidental falls. In fact, the stitching on Fortte cases is both elegant and extra-strong.
Another advantage of the case is the 'inner-case' where the Blackberry actually lives. This ultra-soft leather is lined with smooth nylon, with openings for controls, lights and connectors lining up perfectly. In addition, this intelligent design allows you to charge your device, without having to remove it from the case. My 'assistant' said that the softness and grip of the case made using the Blackberry as a phone much easier then before.
CONS: To be honest, my 'assistant' had nothing but praise for the case; and I found no fault. The only potential issue is that the case's design leaves the 4 corners of the device uncovered. Of course, for this to be an issue, any object would have to navigate a very small space in order to make impact.
BOTTOM LINE: The Fortte 'Type B' Case for the Blackberry 8700 series is exactly what it claims to be: elegant, superbly designed and manufactured, and a terrific bargain for this quality of case. It retails for $39.99, and can be purchased here.
Mar 30, 2007 in PJ Arts - Deputy Editor, New Providence, US

Friday, March 30, 2007

Review of Fortte 'Book-Style' Case for the Cingular 8525
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I have dropped a smart phone once and just thinking about brings back the anxiety. It was scary and it was within seconds that I was converted to a case for my smart phone.
There are many of them and I became a case nut. Some of them are good and some are not. I learned that the better the case , the more it costs and that is an economic reality. When I was asked to review a case from Fortte. I looked forward to receiving it for my Cingular 8525. i had used their case on my treo 650 and raved to you about it.
This case is amazing . I am convinced that this is not the result of engineer designers, but of elves and leprechauns. It is so cleverly put together and makes the 8525 as safe as i could ever want it to be.
The material is leather and so well put together that it is a work of art. i love my 8525 and do not think it should not be safe. Especially in the hands of a klutz, like me.
i recommend this case to anyone who cares about their smartphone. the price for the quality is so sensible. it should come gift wrapped. it is an economic gift
The Book-Style Case from Fortte retails for $39.99, and can be purchased here
Mar 30, 2007 in wally matsen, asheville, nc, usa

Friday, March 23, 2007

Review of Fortte Vertical Pouch for Treo 700 series
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"Those who follow my reviews know that I named a Fortte leather case as one of my 2006 Products of the Year. Fortte produces innovative leather cases for almost every type of smartphone, feature-phone and PDA on the market.
The reason? Actually, there are 3:1) Fortte designs and manufactures their own cases, which is a rarity in today's marketplace2) Fortte uses materials and manufacturing standards that are almost the equal of Vaja and Piel Frama3) Fortte sells these superior cases for about the same prices as the generic, re-brands you find at most case outlets.
Superior products for the same price as lower-end merchandise. What's not to love?Today, due to numerous reader requests, we take a look at one of their 'pouch-style' cases. These are not my favorite kind of case, and as a result, I seem to have ignored this segment of our readers. My apologies, and I will be more mindful in the future.
The Fortte Vertical Pouch case is for people who want to keep their Treo safe in their jacket pocket, pants pocket or pocketbook, do it without adding much bulk...and, want to do it with style. The case is of soft yet sturdy leather, reinforced with hard panels at the front & back, padded with foam and lined all around with a soft terry lining. Fortte bevels the case, so that it follows the contours of the Treo all the way down to the bottom.The combination of foam and lining not only add protection, but keep the Treo safely snug while its inside. Even so, it is an easy matter to unsnap the large magnetic clasp and slide your Treo out for use. Since a pouch case doesn't lend itself to 'in-case' usage, Fortte opted to go with maximum protection; so, you won't see cutouts at the bottom for the charger or earphone jacks. This is sensible, and adds to the case's overall structural integrity.There is such a thing as going too far, and I'm afraid that Fortte did that when leaving key openings covered: there is no opening for the speaker on the rear of the Treo; and, this is the ringtone speaker. As a result, the ringer is rather muffled, although still audible. Hopefully, Fortte will address this wee oversight in the next batch that they release.
The basic case is black leather, although Fortte provides for a lot of customization (multiple colors, embossed lettering, etc), and can be ordered with or without a belt clip (the one shown here is without). I really like the way Fortte does its belt clip option: The metal nub is actually sown into reinforced leather at the back; so, it won't unscrew and drop your device (like a lot of other cases do). In addition, the spring-loaded belt clip itself is very sturdy, and won't let the case pop out at the least little impact. As I mentioned, Fortte does their own manufacturing, and their processes are ISO certified.
So, what does a quality leather pouch case cost these days? This one will set you back a mere $24.99 USD. If you are in the market for a leather case, you owe it to yourself to check out the goods at Fortte. You won't find anything to compare for anywhere near their cost.
Mar 23, 2007 in PJ Arts - Deputy Editor, New Providence, US "

Saturday, March 17, 2007


BlackBerry 8800 Glove Fit
leather case zipper style

BlackBerry 8800 Dual Design

Removable Flip cover protector & Open face in ONE case

Lateral or Horizontal case with pockets for Micro SD card and SIM

BlackBerry 8800 Open Face

Leather PDA Case -Dedicated Fit for BlackBerry 8800

BlackBerry 8800 STiL Vertical Pouch

With leather latch on top to prevent accidental falling

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Monday, January 29, 2007

Fortte announces the completion of the development of premium leather case collection for the iPhone manufactured by Apple Inc.
A fresh collection including new colors, textures and combinations to suit all lifestyles.
click here to register

to receive special discounts.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cingular 8525, HTC Hermes TyTN, JasJam Book Model Leather PDA Case

New Cases for the Mobile PDA SmartPhone Cingular 8525 / HTC Hermes TyTN / JasJam
Book Style Mobile cases

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

T-Mobile Dash Dual Design Leather Smartphone Case

New case that allows the user to remove the protective flap.
Two cases in one. Open Face & Flip = The DUAL by Fortte