Friday, March 30, 2007

Review of Fortte 'Book-Style' Case for the Cingular 8525
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I have dropped a smart phone once and just thinking about brings back the anxiety. It was scary and it was within seconds that I was converted to a case for my smart phone.
There are many of them and I became a case nut. Some of them are good and some are not. I learned that the better the case , the more it costs and that is an economic reality. When I was asked to review a case from Fortte. I looked forward to receiving it for my Cingular 8525. i had used their case on my treo 650 and raved to you about it.
This case is amazing . I am convinced that this is not the result of engineer designers, but of elves and leprechauns. It is so cleverly put together and makes the 8525 as safe as i could ever want it to be.
The material is leather and so well put together that it is a work of art. i love my 8525 and do not think it should not be safe. Especially in the hands of a klutz, like me.
i recommend this case to anyone who cares about their smartphone. the price for the quality is so sensible. it should come gift wrapped. it is an economic gift
The Book-Style Case from Fortte retails for $39.99, and can be purchased here
Mar 30, 2007 in wally matsen, asheville, nc, usa

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