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Review of Fortte Case for Blackberry 8700 Series
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No, I am not turning my back on Treos in favor of 'Crackberry' devices. On the other hand, we have a large % of readers who do not use Treos. They haven't had a new Palm PDA released in a very long while, and many of them use their Palms with other devices (RAZRs, Blackberries and Moto Qs).
Since Palm Addict will review these non-Palm devices from time to time, I will feature products that enhance their Palm Addiction when I deem them worthy. The first review will be a case from the good folks at Fortte; who produce premium-grade cases at 'regular case' prices.
Immediately below this review, you will be treated to a review of the Fortte 8525 case by our own Wallace Matsen. As usual, Wallace (or, as he likes it typed: 'wally') writes in brief, elegant and (dare I say it) poetic phrases that are sadly rare in today's media verbiage (I am a major verbiage culprit).
The 'Type B' Case from Fortte was tested with the assistance of an in-law, who is a corporate attorney and long-time Crackberry fiend.
OVERVIEW* Dedicated Fit for BlackBerry 8700r / 8700c / 8700g / 8700v / 8703e
* Accommodates both: extended and slim batteries
* Available either "with" or "without" Removable Spring Loaded Swivel
* Magnet for automatic shut-down
* 2 Credit Card Holders
* Access to all side controls
* Full screen visibility
* Premium Full Grain Leather
PROSMy 'assistant' had a huge issue with her default 8700 case: while in her pocketbook, it would regularly turn itself on (from pressure on the case cover), and dial different people in her address book. So, the CEO of her corporation might get a call, and upon answering, hear his Senior Counsel talking to her baby son, trying to get him to 'open up for the choo-choo'. While amusing to me, it was a real issue to be solved.The design of the Fortte case prevents any buttons from being pressed when the cover is closed. This is a combination of the case architecture, as well as the slightly raised, rigid frame around the Blackberry screen area. In addition, the cover includes a magnet, which induces automatic shutdown of the Blackberry when closed. The same cover also has slots for two credit cards, and features superb, soft leather wrapped around a reinforced rigid panel.
The back of the case is another leather-wrapped protection panel, where the optional belt-clip 'nub' is sewn in, to ensure that your device has no accidental falls. In fact, the stitching on Fortte cases is both elegant and extra-strong.
Another advantage of the case is the 'inner-case' where the Blackberry actually lives. This ultra-soft leather is lined with smooth nylon, with openings for controls, lights and connectors lining up perfectly. In addition, this intelligent design allows you to charge your device, without having to remove it from the case. My 'assistant' said that the softness and grip of the case made using the Blackberry as a phone much easier then before.
CONS: To be honest, my 'assistant' had nothing but praise for the case; and I found no fault. The only potential issue is that the case's design leaves the 4 corners of the device uncovered. Of course, for this to be an issue, any object would have to navigate a very small space in order to make impact.
BOTTOM LINE: The Fortte 'Type B' Case for the Blackberry 8700 series is exactly what it claims to be: elegant, superbly designed and manufactured, and a terrific bargain for this quality of case. It retails for $39.99, and can be purchased here.
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