Thursday, April 26, 2007

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Sometimes in our PDA-rotic rush for the latest gizmo and its goodies, we forget that there are a lot of the 'oldies-but-goodies' still out there...and, a lot of terrific accessories to enhance their golden years.
Case-in-point is the Treo 650. This terrific smartphone still has a huge number of every-day users out there; and, they want to know what new and sexy stuff is available for their wee beauties.
Not to fear, True Believers! Fortte has not forgotten you (and neither has your Treo Editor). Fortte has a skin-tight leather case that provides the smallest footprint, the greatest overall coverage of your device, and still allows easy access of all your 650's ports, controls and connectors.
The Glove-Fit Case for the Treo 650 is a $24.99 (ESD) beauty, that encapsulates your Treo 650 in a combination of supple, glove-soft leather, super clear vinyl and a strong zipper that lets you get your 650 in and out of its fashion cocoon, without any bother.
The end result? A super-slim covering for your 650, that adds almost no bulk or weight...yet, protects every inch of the device without compromising any of its functionality. You don't have to open a cover to see who's calling, or use your device's controls; but, you still have 100% protection. You don't have to squeeze your device and stretch the case to get your Treo in-and-out...the generously wide zippered opening facilitates ease-of-use.
The Bottom Line: The Fortte Glove-Fit Case provides a skin-tight covering for your Treo that provides beauty, protection, easy access...and does it without adding size or weight to your kit. It it made of the finest materials, is manufactured to ISO standards, and is in the same price-range as the 'generic' cases. This means premium looks, fit and quality for bargain cost. What's not to love?
The Glove-fit case is available for other Treos and smartphones; and is only one of Fortte's many outstanding offerings. If you own a PDA or smartphone, then do the smart thing: go to
Fortte, and find out what you can really get for your hard-earned dollar (...pound sterling, yen, ruble, rupee, loonie, etc.).
Apr 23, 2007 in PJ Arts - Deputy Editor, New Providence, US

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