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New FORTTE Cases for the Blackberry 8800
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Although Palm Addict is (duh) devoted to all-things-Palm, we have to recognize that even our most devoted readers may have a cuckoo in the nest. You bought that Treo 680, but the company will pay your bill if you use the Blackberry 8700 they issue to all salespeople. You have a Palm TX, but the IT guys won't let your WiFi through the firewall, and so-on and so-forth. The fact is that we need to keep you (and ourselves) up on the latest across the Smartphone and PDA world.
Today, we will look at two terrific cases for the new Blackberry 8800 (which I will be reviewing in the next few weeks), brought to us by the good folks at Fortte (for-tay) Cases.
ABOUT FORTTEFortte cases have consistently earned Treo Editor's Choice designation, and one made my 2006 Treo Products of the Year list.
Like those other Fortte cases, both of these excel by the attention Fortte gives to the smallest of details:
*Superb leathers
*Top-line materials used for belt clips, snaps, magnets and other connectors
*Perfect fit & finish, provided by their ISO-certified manufacturing facility
*Exquisite stitching, that is especially strong around openings, and areas where connectors (snaps, belt clips) are located
*Vibrant dyes used for optional colors
*Internal magnets, to cause automatic shut-down of the Blackberry when the case is closed
The best thing? All of this quality is on a par with cases from Vaja and Piel Frama; but...costs the same as the 'generic' cases that you see at every online store.
THE CASESFirst up, is the Blackberry 8800 Dual Design Case (top graphic). This innovative, 'convertible' design features a removable, flip-up cover; so, you can easily switch between a covered, or 'open-faced' case paradigm. The cover is secured at the top/back of the case by an extremely sturdy metal snap, and at the bottom by a generous magnet (which fits perfectly into a grooved indentation at the bottom/back of the case.Another metal snap (right next to the cover's) opens/closes the top flap of the case, for easy placement and removal of your 8800. The case is lined with a soft, fine cloth, while the back and the cover have rigid shields sewn discreetly inside.
The inside of the cover features a beveled slot for a micro-SD card, and another slot for an ID card (if you work in New York City, this is a very handy feature!). The slot is lined with smooth nylon, for easy placement/removal of your ID card, and is covered with sturdy, clear vinyl (strongly sewn into place). This ID card slot features another thoughtful Fortte touch: there is an oval cutout in the middle of the vinyl, so you can use your finger to slide the ID card out.
The Dual Design case can be ordered in black, or in an number of attractive 2-tone color schemes; and, can be purchased without a belt clip, or you can choose between a metal 'swivel' belt clip or a low-profile 'ratchet' belt clip.
Next, is the Blackberry 8800 Lateral Pouch The first thing that comes to mind when you look at this case is 'STYLE'. Reminiscent of classic luggage designs from the 1930's & 1940's, the Lateral Pouch is an exercise in elegant good taste.
First off, there is a pleasing mixture of textures: Fortte sent me a 2-tone version (sorry I don't have a photo), of black leather on the bottom/front, and brandy for the front flap, sides and back. The black leather is handsomely grained, while the 'brandy' leather is smooth, supple and soft. The addition of the spiffy Fortte 'shield' on the front completes a solid fashion statement. The flap is held in place by a very strong magnet; and, has sculpted curves, which allow for an easy grip for opening the case. Inside, the case is lined with extremely soft terry velour, and the back panel has a rigid shield sewn inside. If you opt for the belt clip, you will get a wide, strong piece of spring steel, completely covered with leather, and sewn right into the back of the case.
The Dual Design case starts at $39.99 (USD), and the Lateral Pouch starts at $29.99 (USD). If you crave a superior case, you need to include Fortte when shopping around. If you crave a superior case for the same price as those 'generic' cases, then you have to check out Fortte first.
May 14, 2007 in PJ Arts - Deputy Editor, New Providence, US

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